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Front Row L to R:

Sam Franzen, Yellow River Watershed Coordinator

Michael Green, District Technician

Back Row L to R:

Michelle Elliott, Turkey River Watershed Coordinator

Matt Frana, Upper Iowa River Watershed Coordinator


Mark Jensen, Vice Chair & Co-Treasurer

Dwayne Hauber, Co-Treasurer

Danny Leidahl, Treasurer

John Lubke, Chair

Dave Roslien                  

Not Pictured:

Lyle Luzum, Assistant Commissioner

Donna Rasmussen, Assistant Commissioner

Commissioners & Staff

The Winneshiek Soil Conservation District (Water was added later) held its inaugural meeting on August 7, 1941 and celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2016! Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) commissioners are the governing body of a SWCD and are responsible for conducting the affairs of the district. Five commissioners are elected or appointed in accordance with the Soil and Water Conservation Laws. Any eligible elector residing in the district is eligible to hold the office of commissioner, except that no more than one commissioner shall at any one time be a resident of any one township. All qualified electors of a SWCD may vote for a SWCD commissioner in the general election.


The commissioners are the key to the success of a SWCD. They have the task of coordinating the district's efforts of all agencies, organizations, and individuals with responsibilities in natural resources conservation and development within the district. How well these affairs are conducted will be reflected in the accomplishments of the district.


SWCD business is critical. It demands the attention and leadership abilities of the commissioners. The reward for serving as a commissioner is the satisfaction of making a valuable contribution to the future welfare of the district and the state and nation.

The SWCD employs three full-time employees, one part-time employee and one summer intern. Three full-time watershed coordinators are responsible for promoting stewardship practices through education and outreach to producers in active watershed project areas. One part-time district technician is responsible for assisting the SWCD and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) with various programs and activities. The summer intern assists SWCD staff with their responsibilities, as well as NRCS staff with the survey and design of conservation practices.