Soil Your Undies has generated a lot of conversations about soil health. The display has been at the Winneshiek County Fair the past two years and was at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois in 2017!

The Winneshiek SWCD hosts a booth under the Grandstand at the Winneshiek County Fair every year.
Rain barrels are used to harvest rain water from rooftops. These barrels ($115) are for sale in our office. The barrels are repurposed food-grade storage from Rain Barrels Iowa in Des Moines.
In fall 2016, the Winneshiek SWCD hosted the statewide Project Coordinator meeting. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase a variety of conservation practices to our colleagues.
A Rainfall Simulator Trailer is used to compare runoff and infiltration on conventional till, pasture and no-till. In each pair of buckets, runoff is on the left and infiltration is on the right. As you can see, a larger amount of water infiltrates into a system with more cover (either vegetation or residue).

What's happening at the Winneshiek SWCD?

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